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Abler, the award winning AML/CFT company launches in the UAE

The company takes pride in nurturing an international business network.
Abler, under the leadership of Mauritian entrepreneur – Shahannah Abdoolakhan, launches its operations in the UAE. Abler has supported multiple enterprises and corporate throughout its history of business operations in Africa and the United Kingdom for years now. The company takes pride in nurturing an international business network. It has been partnering with industry leaders from around the world to ensure they are understanding AML regulations, operating efficiently following compliance requirements for corporate. Abler’s launch in the UAE is a new chapter in the operational history of the company as Shahannah Abdoolakhan rises up the entrepreneurial ladder and aces on her global experience to work in ever growing UAE economic system.

The UAE promises exponential growth to companies venturing freshly. Abler sustains the goal to assist and support newly established UAE based entities and exiting businesses in the UAE business arena. It will effectively offer assistance to UAE based businesses to comply with international AML/CFT compliance requirements as these are often complex and ever evolving. The company will serve to bridge gaps between government’s regulatory systems and businesses.

Shahannah Abdoolakhan foresees a great future for businesses in the UAE and understands that Abler’s presence in the UAE will be a stepping stone for further growth of the company. UAE is Abler’s chosen destination this year as it believes in its development as an international business hub. Abler’s team of seasoned ex-regulators, investigative officers, lawyers, fintech experts and compliance professionals aims to build a culture of lasting value in the UAE by helping companies to build a resilient compliance culture. “The fact is that businesses thrive with a solid foundation of compliance. And it’s important to note that compliance is here to stay – there are no short cuts. We’re here to help you meet your compliance obligations so you can focus on what you do best”, shares Shahannah Abdoolakhan.